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    I'd pay for something like MyWeek on PalmOS that integrates calendar and tasks. But I have a feeling after seeing how Synergy services and accounts work that such an app won't be possible on webOS. At least in version 1.0.
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    Multimessenger IM
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    KeyCaps! KeyCaps600 - Download Palm Software for your Treo, Centro, Tungsten, LifeDrive or other Palm OS Device

    Hold down a Letter and the app capitalizes the letter and double click for the alternate symbol on the same key

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    Drum and beat synthasizer
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    I'd pay for a phone dialer color changer.
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    IRC app
    MSN messenger app
    Splash Money app
    Visual Voicemail
    Video recording
    Full Palm Pre backup and restore app. If it can be do remotely even better.
    Birthday reminder app based on the Pre contacts birthday.
    Shoutcast app
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    Spell check that "red underlines" miss spelled words that you could then tap and get suggestions (Like quickspell for palmos Quick CheckSpell Bundle (Dutch) for Palm OS by Mobile Systems, Inc.), I would drop anywhere from 20-40 bucks for that
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    RSS application.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    My vote is for a simple voice recorder for taking notes.
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    I'd pay $1-$30 for the following:

    RSS reader that syncs w/ Google Reader & displays pics

    SplashID w/ online backup

    File Browser w/ FTP

    Profiles w/ GPS integration (like the one for Android)


    BT Pan/WiFi file xfer

    Backup (online & local solution)

    Office Suite (Hurry up, Dataviz)
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    2nd vote is for a GTD app. Like the native tasks, but add context, groupings of todos into tasks, next-action functionality within tasks and filtered views. And it would need to sync to something I can run on my laptop (either a local app or a web app).
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    An irc app
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    I see all these posts on people saying they will pay 30$ for an app. really? Im more into paying 1 or 2 for something thatll keep me happy like a game, and maybe 5 for more advanced stuff.
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    I would love to see an app that would allow all the functionality that is currently only available through rooting and copying line after line of code (with the inherent risks).

    I'm coming from an HTC touch that had a custom rom that I designed in a kitchen. All I had to do was install the kitchen and choose which options that wanted and which I did not and the kitchen compiled my selections into a new rom and installed it.

    If someone could build a similar application (even if it still required rooting), I would pay for that. I've seen a couple of threads that compile all these tweaks and patches together for viewing, but I have only done a couple of the most essential (tethering and roam only) because I don't want to risk bricking my phone.
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    If I say, "I'm willing to pay no more than $10K for application X for my phone," guess what. The first price point someone is likely to set will accommodate my stupidity.

    I know it's difficult for homebrew developers to assess a demand and value for these types of things, but we've all heard about buy outs. You sell your app for $5 and make an acceptable return on its popularity. AppleSoft offers you $15K for it and jacks the price up 200% or more.

    "Oh, I would never sell to AppleSoft!" Wait 'til their patent lawyers beat you to the USTPO.

    Remember, we are the market, let's bear as little as possible.

    Don't get me started on subscription or lease model software.
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    video recorder
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prasamaccus View Post
    An overall Preferences app. Something that I could easily change my dial screen, boot screen, background, show call times, time stamp text, random wallpaper switcher (I keep breaking my phone when I try to do this one), etc...

    Removes the reason for people with bad programing skills to root their phone and gives people good at rooting a quick and easy way to change these things.
    I totally agree. I want to make all those custom modifications and would be willing to pay a few clams to do it. I do not have the patience to go through the process of rooting the phone. As for the wallpaper switcher there is already a homebrew for that. I have it running on my phone right now. No problems. New wallpaper every hour. I just moved all the photos I want to use into the one wallpaper folder so they all can get used.

    Switcharoo in Homebrew
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    Sky Map
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