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    i'm having troubles with the api, but i should get that fixed soon.
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    Are you still working on this? I'd looooooove a Tumblr app.
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    interesting pc background ha.
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    yes, is this still coming?
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    Just signed up to Tumblr. Would be good to see an app.
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    +1 I also want this.
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    where is the tumblr app!!
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    Yep. I just began searching for a tumblr app because I thought it would be a good thing to have. Is this still being developed?
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    Any updates on a tumblr app, people?
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    If you have abandoned this, tylerrer, may I take over?
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    That would be sweet, though it seems tylerrer has dropped off the map. Good luck in getting him to respond. You may have to start from scratch. I've talked to Tumblr, and while they have no plans to develop a webOS app of their own anytime soon (I've hammered them about it), they say that API resources and documentation is freely available for others to develop one. I would contact them directly.
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    Well if this tylerrer person has just dropped this project, I will probably end up making a tumblr app pretty soon here.
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    Well, as long as SOMEBODY comes out with one... LOL Y'all can all fight amongst yourselves, or collaborate...

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    yes please, to a tumblr app!!!!
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    While y'all are at it, if it's not too much trouble, can y'all include a messages option? Most apps don't

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