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    Anybody know where I can find a Mojo bundle for TextMate on the Mac?
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    im looking for it too, no luck so far
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    Not a Mojo-Bundle so far, but at least it eases the development a bit:

    Keep in mind: It's under development! Suggest or contribute enhancements! :-)

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    I created my own TextMate Bundle for WebOS development, but so far only with 1 command as I don't use Bundles that often. My Command (which I have on shortcut command+control+shift+r) simply creates a package, installs it on the emulator and then runs it on the emulator. Might add more later but I haven't really done much WebOS developing myself yet, could share this one command if anyone is interested? (although it's not perfect in any way)

    This bundle that devilx names also sounds pretty interesting tho.

    Never mind, just looked at his bundle and he actually does the same as me so that's probably your best bet.
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