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    So, I'm finally comfortable enough with WebOS that I can now start porting over an iPhone app idea that I've been working with on & off for about a year. I know that it's going to have be rebuilt from the ground up & I'm ok with that. It looks like it actually might be easier to implement my idea with WebOS than it was with the iPhone OS

    So, here's my question: Might anyone have an easy example of creating a button with a image that opens a URL? I've been looking through the "UIWidgets" source and I think I found what I need "app/assistants/menus/menudemo-assistant.jsjsjs&$quot$; &$amp$; &$quot$;$apps$/$views$/$menus$/$menudemo$/$menudemo$-$scene$.$html$&$quot$;. $I$'$m$ $just$ $not$ $sure$ $how$ $much$ $of$ $the$ $button$ $related$ $code$ $I$ $need$ $in$ $order$ $for$ $some$ $buttons$ $to$ $show$ $up$ $in$ $my$ &$quot$;$first$-$scene$.$html$&$quot$;. $Any$ $help$ $would$ $be$ $greatly$ $appreciated$.
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    Pretty much what I would like to accomplish is have a button similar to that "Dead App" button found in the UI Widgets app & in "View Menu" under "Menus" (and attached below as well). The button would then perform a similar function like the one shown at

    palm://com.palm.applicationManager - open - File

    this.controller.serviceRequest(palm://com.palm.applicationManager', {
         method:     'open',
         parameters: {
              target: "http://"
         onFailure: this.onFailureHandler
    any help would be very much appreciated
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