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    What would it take to start developing?
    I've always wanted to learn to code...something, but I've never been able to, either due to lack of instruction, or lack of inspiration.
    When I was like 14, I learned some very very basic HTML, but, that's about the extent of my programming experience.

    Now I'm an EE major at the University of Texas. In HS I took a Java programming class, and now I've taken a C programming class. This is about the extent of my coding knowledge, however I do think finally having gone and learned the process and having had exposure should help me further my coding abilities.

    Now with the Palm Pre, I think I might have found something where I could learn something useful, and use that to knowledge to actually create something useful/fun.

    That being said, how would y'all suggest going about learning to develop for the Palm Pre?
    I'm currently using a mac, but it has windows installed, and I've already downloaded the Pre SDK.
    So what's the next logical step at this point? What do y'all recommend?
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    I think I would start by getting a good solid start with HTML/CSS and Javascript using a web browser. After you get a good base there, then move
    to the Pre. I think starting on the Pre would be very difficult.
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    im in the same situation as you. I have been reading JavaScript Tutorial

    it is a great tutorial. it is divided in small chunks and gives you the basics. plus since javascript does not need to be compile they have a " TRY IT" button with their examples so you can mess around with them.

    I know some c++ and going thru their tutorial helped a lot

    also, get the mac sdk and go thru the sample apps.
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    I'm a CPE major major at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and I too have a slight background in html and more recently in C++, and have always wanted to create applications. The Pre seems like the perfect device out there for starting with.

    Just since the leak of the SDK late Friday night, and in reading these forums, I've learned so much and am able to create basic apps (like just text and standard html) and install them on my own Pre. I think that's just an awesome concept.

    Thanks edgarwong for the JavaScript Tutorial link, I'm going to try that out right now!
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    Wow, this is really exciting.

    Has the SDK for mac been released/leaked? I thought it was only available for windows.
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    In all honesty, I had VERY limited HTML skills, no idea how to use Java, and a little bit C++ experience (from an Intro course I took a couple years back) and I was able to create an interactive app within two days.

    All I did was look at pre-existing programs and code/functions and just mash them together or modify them to my own purpose.

    It might be a bit more time consuming than actually knowing what you're doing... but I think there's no better way to be a self-taught programmer than to jump in there and see what you can do.

    I don't have a Pre yet, but my app works perfectly on the SDK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fried Chicken View Post
    Wow, this is really exciting.

    Has the SDK for mac been released/leaked? I thought it was only available for windows.

    but nothing there you could not do before, its just so much easier setup. and you get hte palm-generate, intall, package commands.

    i have been using a combo of Coda and cyberduck to program on my mac

    btw i added you on AIM
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    I had no previous coding experience outside of basic websites and some php... enough to get drupal running. I think I've done ok with just browsing the stock and currently available third party apps.
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