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    Hi, "n00b with a question" here.

    I've gotten Style Matters, UIWidgets and my Klingon-inspired 'Hello World' app onto my Pre, but I get an error message when I try to eject my Pre using the "Safely Remove Hardware" thingy:

    "Problem Ejecting Palm Novacom

    The Device 'Palm Novacom' cannot be stopped because a program is still accessing it.


    Emulator's not running and I exited out of the Command Line properly using 'exit.'

    How do I close out of what ever it is that is still running?
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    I'm searching every where I can think of but Google's can't find anything.

    Obviously there's something I'm not understanding about Novacom, but I'm trying.

    Any help will be appreciated, thanx.
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    I get this too, and if I just disconnect the Pre, it often hangs Vista and I have to power off my PC. I found that I need to stop the Palm Novacom service in Windows: Control Panel -> Adminstrative Tools -> Services. Then, I can eject Novacom.
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    I know in the HomeBrew howto it tells you to Stop Services to Novocom 1st then to do the Remove Hardware and it works for me. I then just restart it befor I close the Services window.
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    I've read the How To, too. I have a shortcut to the services app along with other shortcuts to my other webOS dev folders.
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    I have been trying to download and run Novacom to access my Pre, but when I try running the download, it automatically opens Itunes. I can't get it to open any other way.

    I am running Windows Vista 64 bit. Any ideas?

    Thanks - Fisack23
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    i was getting the same issue

    if you go to start>run>services.msc
    it will open up the services list

    scroll down to 'palm novacom'
    right click and select 'stop'

    with the service stopped the pre can be ejected properly

    i should mention that you'll probably have to reverse this process to enable the novacom service to use any of it's features when you plug the pre back in....or restart your computer
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    What is novacom?

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