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    ActiveCard 2.0 LT for Palm Pre

    Preview video:
    Free version available here (should be online by Thursday 2/24) -- US ONLY

    Homebrew version for Precentral with all installed apps for AC launcher and all calendars: n/a (PC homebrew catalog hates me - I'm unable to upload)

    Active Card Tools for official version: Active Card: Tools | | The #1 Palm Pre and Pixi Community

    New in 2.0.1:
    - portrait mode (manual switch - this way you'll have 6 screens instead of 3);
    - widget lock (prevents widgets from being accidentally removed);
    - dock/clock widget now remembers its settings (background);
    - new RSS widget for portrait mode;
    - added options for screen timeout - enable/disable (currently disabled);
    - new portrait mode wallpapers;

    and more...

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    Looks really promising fella
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    The one thing that I miss from my HTC Touch (with custom ROM) is having my next two appts from my calendar on my homepage. I would love to see that down below the moon.
    I would also like to see the current weather conditions at the top, rather than the simple sun or moon. My office has a window, so I can usually tell if it's day or night.
    I would love to help but I am not a programmer. Perhaps I can donate if you get a nice home screen app out there. Thanks and keep up the good work!
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    Oh, and I really like the six-item launcher and the new icons.
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    Neat, but I don't need my phone telling me if it's day or night Unless your living completly underground you'll usually find that out pretty effortlessly (is that a word?).
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    Thats very cool and neat man.. Keep up the good work.. Sorry cannot think of any cool must have widgets
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    Weather and traffic incidents around you (using location services )
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    Yes please! You next upcoming appointments/tasks!
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    Nice work....I like where you are going with this!
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    Nice, but isn't this pretty useless once you actually run a few apps and their cards take over the screen. Or is it intended ot be used with no cards or just small cards? The clock looks like it would be covered by even small cards.
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    Awesome!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! Love the extra icons on the Launcher!
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    Looks awesome!
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    I'm up for a traffic/news by location service!
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    Oh think, I may have misunderstood this, this is more akin to the Today screen on the Centro, rather than a replacement for the main screen. Right or wrong? It looks like this is just a regular app running, as you can see by the MHS menu in the upper left.
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    You should make it modular so its easy for 3rd party devs to make new widgets for it. I can help with this if needed
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    daily agenda
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    This makes more sense as the lock screen. Things I would like to see are weather, time/date, next few appts/tasks, next alarm, battery%, along with the current notifications.

    As for the home screen, I like the idea of more apps in the quick launch. It'd actually be great if apps had a different appearance in the card view: more basic and readable summary. So the weather would be just the temp and rain/sun, a sports app would just have the score and time/period. This would be benefited by a way to see multiple cards up at once, using more of the screen and being larger than the rearrange card view.
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    Awesome work so far. Can't wait for the final product.
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    That's fabulous! Inform us if you have any progress pls!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandrake View Post
    I'm up for a traffic/news by location service!
    Sounds good.
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