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    Love the new images, mapara. I like seeing the sunrise/sunset times, too. Can't wait for release.

    Suggestion for main wx page: Instead of "Weather Info" being the large, bold text at the top and taking up precious screen real estate (especially when it's obvious what this page is), post the current or forecasted temps here, or the city name.

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    OMG I want this sooo bad...says i need 15 comments though before I can pm you for hte alpha
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    This looks like outstanding work..

    Hopefully I get back into programming for webOS, seems fun.
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    This just keeps looking better and better. Keep up the great work mapara and thanks for developing this much needed app.
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    Hoping to see this appear in the App Store as an official download next week!!! Looks very very promising and I'd love to get it. Cheers!
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    You're doing an EXCELLENT job. Keep up the great work. Everytime I check this thread it gets better and better. Do those RSS feeds scroll ticker style?
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    So making this a non-closeable application, autostart, and other applications when open push this one aside, right?
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    This is HUGE. This is the biggest thing that the pre is missing in my opinion and I miss my Today screen from Windows Mobile (but not anything else I am glad to be rid of it). Thanks
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    thanks for doing this, I was just telling my brother today how much I missed this from my old WM Treo and then I check today and here you are making my dreams come true on the PRE. Thanks!

    PS: I can't PM yet but if you see this message I would be interested in alpha / beta testing for this program, it looks very very well done and I'd love to be a part of it to help out in any way.
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    Looks pretty amazing to me. Looking forward to giving this a try in a week or so :P
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    Just jumping into this thread and I have to say this looks awesome. Did someone say that this is being submitted to the app library, or should I bite the bullet and go ahead and root my phone?
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    I agree with everybody! This looks great! Keep up the good work!
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    Great job! I also agree with everyone who says to add at least two upcoming appointments to the "home screen".
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    Looks good, I am down to test it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldweasel View Post
    Just jumping into this thread and I have to say this looks awesome. Did someone say that this is being submitted to the app library, or should I bite the bullet and go ahead and root my phone?
    Root your phone. Its very hard to screw something up bad enough that you have to restore, and its even harder to brick it.
    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    Welcome to open source. Things can get bumpy. Please fasten your seat belts.
    Quote Originally Posted by dianagr View Post
    You can also swipe a counterclockwise semi-circle around the center button to go back. [Do a back gesture]
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    nice work can't wait to see the final result
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    Holy crap!! You've really outdone yourself....
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    Awesome. Look forward to finished product.
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    Even though the new design looks nice and slick, the old design looks clean. It could be that the background just looks better to me though.
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    Wow, this looks amazing!
    Can't wait to try it!
    Great work.

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