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    The new design looks much smoother.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post cant wait till you finish
    hope you finish before i have to update
    I dont think that is going to happen.
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    New design is MUCH better! I am SO doing this to my Pre when I get it in a couple of weeks.

    Nice job!

    One suggestion tho. Change "Configure Me" to maybe an icon of a Gear?
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    If you don't wanna HAVE to go 1.04.
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    Very nice.

    Does the ski change with the weather?
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    Excellent news. I look forward to seeing the final product and trying it for myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashen View Post
    Very nice.

    Does the ski change with the weather?
    Great great idea!
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    If i just want the Time and date on my desktop where do i start?
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    have you thought of making the cards work more like in Android? What do you guys think of this. If you press the home button, you get this customizable home screen. Then, you either press the home button again, or do a long press of the hold button to bring up the cards, for task switching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapara View Post

    What you guys think?
    I believe you misspelled Lunch.
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    Great look! The new design looks MUCH better; something I most definitely use. I have one pet peeve, though. Why are all these homebrew apps names 'My _____'? I was glad when vista did away with 'My', it just feels cheesy. Anyways, back OT, looking forward to the beta.
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    Love the new look.
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    This looks really great, I'm happy to see our phones are somewhat customizable. Anyways here are my suggestions, mainly repeats:

    -more than 4 buttons in the quick launch
    -2 or more timezones (useful if you dial international)
    -Upcoming appointments
    -Perhaps a custom RSS feed?

    Looks great, looking forward to an update.
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    This is a sweet looking mod my man. cant wait to see it in action!
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    my only request is to get the tasks due up in there somewhere surely will keep an eye on this!
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    I love what you have so far. I'm in a small town so local movies works better than local traffic. Sort of like you can change your main screen on Yahoo. But even w/o that, I'd be interested.
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    Looks really awesome!! but I hope we can still keep the top status bar with the battery, BT and WiFi.
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    I would love to see scrolling RSS feeds included on the homescreen as well. Something like a ticker that scrolls your RSS feeds. And of course those scrolling feeds would be clickable and open up browser if you click one.
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    I think that this should be the main homescreen except maybe not so many icons as the might be too small? Heres how it could work if you have cards open. If ur in an app and hold down center button for 3 seconds, it'll take you to the new sceen, taping would do what it does now and take you to card view. Now, when in card view or homescreen you can simply tap center button to switch between the two apps! I know tapping the center button in card view reopens the selected app, but I see no point in this as you can merely click on the app itself. This method is simple and can make alot of people craving a today screen and widgets very happy while still keepinh the great way webos multitasks! I don't know if that's possible but it would be cool
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    Awesome home screen! Keep up the good work..
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