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    Still haven't gotten my email waiting anxiously ! How long do you guys normally have to wait? I donated yesterday.. brianu.16 at
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    ugh payment got refunded lol.. guess i'll try again
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    Mapara, or anybody here. So when ya'll say to install it over the older version, do you mean just leave the old version alone and install the new one the same way as I would as if it was any other app? Don't laugh . But, would that not make the old and new versions run seperately side by side?
    Or do you drop this file on top of the older one?in the Palm install batch file? What can I say its my 2nd homebrew, 1st one I liked enough to update. I 'd really appreciate a little guidance. I really don't want to mess something up.
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    Just install it.
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    Thanks mapara, I donated and within 1 minute had the receipt sent to my email, within 5 minutes I was sent download. Within 3 minutes had the zip and unzipped, and then other 2 minutes to install!!! Works great!!
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    hey how can i get my hands on this?? is it still just open to testers or to the public?? how can i get an e-mail do u have to make a pp donation?
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    Very nice Mapara, its looking much more polished with this build. And more customizable. Can't go wrong there. Keep it up man, this is gonna be THE app to have on the Pre. Good job
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    Wow great app! I'm absolutely loving it. Looking forward to more improvements. One suggestion would be to make the mini bar larger by being able to choose less icons. Other than that fantastic work!
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    wow this is a great app! Thanks so much and keep up the good work. 5 bucks well spent
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    Hey mapara this is just awesome!
    Got home and installed it. Just wanted to say it’s very, very nice. I love it. Quick call accessible much easier. Whole app is much more customizable. I like how you can change setup settings from different screens. Be able to use your images as a background is very nice feature. Making bigger font in the weather details is big plus (a lot more readable now). Just awesome app.
    Thank you again and again for this!
    Keep them coming.
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    thanks Dynamo Kiev
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    Can I still get it??
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    Installed it today, and it is great progress! Any plans on trying to make this the home screen, rather than an app?
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    donated a few days ago, no email. can't send a PM till 15 messages which is stupid...
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    2 more messages till I can PM
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    Dynamo Kiev Chempion.

    Thanks again mapara.
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    thanks again for the app man its a great app already works with no flaws so far thanks again anyways
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    Once again, mapara, great work.

    Quick thing I noticed, no big deal, but when selecting the "cloud" image as wallpaper the app defaults to the previous wallpaper.

    Thanks again, and continued success.
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    Thanks for the awesome app. I love the improved functionality over the main home screen. I have a question: is it possible to have the todo list scroll through tasks in the task program and possibly calendar appointments instead of using the separate todo list? Thanks again!
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