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    Quote Originally Posted by jport1975 View Post
    quick post 1 2 3 and 4
    Quick BAN
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    What do I do about getting this app? Is it only available to people who donate right now? Cuz Ill donate NO PROBLEM!!
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    Great work, i can't wait to try this out!
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    Very nice app. Thank you very much for working on this on.
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    do we have an ETA on when to expect this as a public beta.
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    Will the beta version be available for free to anybody?
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    How do I get this app? Do I need to have 15 posts in this tread? Do I have to donate? Or do I have to donate and have a 15 posts in this tread? Can someone tell me detailed reqs to get it. I work as porgrammer. We are just starting to work on mobile time card app for our company. So maybe I can help you guys to test this greate app.
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    you have to make a donation but some of us don't have paypal so I'm hoping it will be public eventually, first it used to say that it would be between the 20th and 25th but that was taken off so don't know anymore.
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    just donated! looks great
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    I have donated and not received a link or anything...i have checked my spam folder.
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    donated but didn't happen to get an instant reply with the link -- any issues with email right now?
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    Say what you will about my posts but as far as I am concerned this is business, and I needed 15 posts to PM this person. This App seems amazing, but I want to know if I donate, DO I INDEED get the app? I have noticed quite a few posts where people have donated and have yet to recv anything. I understand this person may be busy, but I need to be able to communicate before I invest. Also, what is the amount for a proper donation? will there be a fee for the final version? Are there any other apps in the works from this person I may be interested in donating more for? I am still waiting on a reply from my PM.
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    i got my link to the app about 30 minutes after i donated
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    Sent donation, waiting to try this out, it looks awesome
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    Any word on how we're going to get updates? I donated and am loving the app, just wondering how updates are going to work.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I'm down for donating this thing looks amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksmith0034 View Post
    I donated and it refunded it what does that mean?
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    Okay, I might be stupid, but it came in rar, finally opened it, got it loaded, and now I cannot edit anything in it. It gives me the weather for Malibu, Calif, and I cannot edit the launchbar.

    Can anyone help??

    Thanks in advance.

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