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    This is the KING of the homebrew apps, even though I haven't actually had the opportunity to play with it!!!
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    This will be great!
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    I made a donation today, but like others I am unable to send a PM to you. I would love to be able to test the beta if possible. My donation number is 93X58038PU971292N.
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    mapara just my 2cents. I think it would look much better (and uniform) if the quick launch was the same as the favorite contact.
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    I LOVE this app. You are making LEAPS and BOUNDS of progress. Props!

    I love how you added the video titled "This is all Photoshopped".

    Really, you should ignore those people, you shouldn't even waste your time trying to prove them wrong, it doesn't matter. When your app is released they'll see themselves.

    Either way, Great Work!
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    updated for 0.2a build 3
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    where is the download link ?
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    Still in private alpha for now. He hasn't release a public beta yet.
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    Looks like it will be very handy keep up the good work
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    Just now figured out where the dl link was for testers, thanks mapara :P
    Hopefully this new version will be even closer to a full release

    Thanks for the app, i'll be using it.
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    i would like the link also please
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    I would love to donate to the cause and be a tester, don't think I can PM yet as I haven't posted enough. Anywho, if you happen to catch this I'm all over it if you'll let me.
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    This should be the default screen and you should be working for palm. I hope they see this. Excellent work! Thanks!
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    Is there a download link?

    I think it is still in alpha stages.
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    I cant wait for this to be available!
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    @people who thought i was insulting mapara.

    Quote Originally Posted by mapara View Post
    I don't feel insulted at all.

    Yeah, I got ya. But again: CAN'T DO (for now).
    See, developers don't get offended easily. Sometimes a developer needs a little push, to make time to check suggestions, since most of the time the suggestions are not that good and yeah answering allready covered questions in threads like this takes precious time out of developing. I tried many sources to get maparas attention and all of you "whoopedoo posters" have to agree that my suggestion would be freaking awesome. So i had to take a different approach, and it worked. I had my answer, even if it's barely a sentence.

    Anyhow, the SDK is out, so i can get a more thorough answer by myself now. You know, because i can look for answers myself when they are reachable, unlike many posters in this thread who are unable to read the freaking answers to their questions from the very start of this thread. To these morons i say ***** you, pay me, if and when i come up with my suggestion to this wonderfull app as an addon or with my own app with the feature. That is if mapara don't for whatever reason wish to add it himself if it can be done in the future. Love.
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    I only wish that you could easily take control of things like the acceleromater off the app, so that you could make apps like this come to the front by shaking the phone when the app is in the background. I tried to look info from Accelerometer – webOSdev – Palm but could not find if the app needs to be in the front, but i assume so. Can any of the seasoned developer gurus, shed some light into this.
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    Please ignore people telling u this is photoshoped and similar comments. U are too good to be paying attention to that kinda stuff. Excellent job and can't wait to see the final product.
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    Will it be possible to replace the current home screen completely with your released version?
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    Will the background weather application display Severe Weather Warnings for the area?

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