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    Donation sent.. not sure how much people are sending.. i just sent something to say keep up the good work.. that app looks awesome.. you guys rule..
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    just donated $2 buckaroos. its not much but hopefully u can supersize your meal now .lol i cant wait for this to be out of beta.
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    Looks great! Can't wait to try it out.
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    Rhis new one is off the chain. Make it happen captin!!!
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    Looks really nice. Just sent a donation to keep you going.
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    since i have owned the phone, this is the first thing that i am actually excited about!!! ive been waiting patiently for good apps. i know the potential of the phone, and still love it. but cant wait for this app, and more apps like this! thanks for forging the path!
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    This looks really nice! I am already missing my Today screen from the Treo, so this will be nice to have for sure!
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    i think that this app being the lock screen would be a good idea as i would be happier with it there
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    You have raised the bar with this one. I will surely be making a donation.
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    OMG this looks awesome! Release Release release! I want it on my Pre
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    when is it going to come out
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    B E A Utiful, can't wait for the release!
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    How about a messaging widget with ability to forward texts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by raven1911 View Post
    How about a messaging widget with ability to forward texts?
    After I'm done with basic stuff.

    All donations are for (mini)widgets - I don't -- have time/want to -- do them. So I'm saving all the money for someone who will.
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    this thing is awesome i will like to try it.
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    I look forward to your beta version. Thanks for the hard work!

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    i have to say great job, but from looking at you picture there makes me wonder if you work at boeing on the 787, as do i on the 747-8.
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    mapara, going to send my paypal donation now so I can get this cool app tested!

    Your work looks awwwwwwwweesome.
    i see your online now, can you check pm

    edit: just donated!

    Confirmation number: 00693987SC906533M
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    Love the quick call feature... But is it posisble to have that when you click on the person give you the option to call or text? Also, maybe have access to move that bar higher or lower on the screen?
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    I've been waiting for something like this to show up on the Pre, before I became all that excited. However, I do have some questions.

    It's a home screen, and it's active. I get that. Which means it has real-time updates and what not.

    But, I watched the photoshop video that creator put up, and I'm a little confused.

    When I think home screen, I think of the normal screen that you see when you start up the phone. But this looks like it's another App/Card that you have to open up, and then just kind of leave running throughout your day.

    Is this the case? Or, can I root my phone and add it to be permanently my home screen? Is that possible?

    Thank you in advance. If I get the right answer, this is definitely the phone for me.

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