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    PreThinking released the Mac version of Palm's Mojo SDK a couple of minutes ago. Still need VirtualBox 2.2.4 to run it, but now OSX users can get it on the goodness. Download link here: Palm’s Mojo SDK Leaked For Mac Users | Pre Insiders

    Only a rapidshare link for now, but I'm working on a torrent as we speak. Will update more as I get it all together here.

    Screenshots via Prethinking: Palm Pre Mojo SDK leaked for Mac users Too - all things Pre - PreThinking
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    SWEEET!!!! Now I can really start working on some apps
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    i have been working with my phone and sftp and coding using coda. I get instant updates of the app on the phone. Im loving the combo
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    Installed. Works like a charm!
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    Next round's on me, PreThinking.
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    Hell yes:d
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    In case anyone's looking, the SDK tools are installed to /opt/PalmSDK/.
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    ^^^ How'd you get it so fast.. We need a torrent
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbc View Post
    In case anyone's looking, the SDK tools are installed to /opt/PalmSDK/.
    Thanks. Took me a few minutes of searching to try & find this directory I've got everything up & running via the Mac SDk now. No need for Wine any more Thanks again all who've been writing guides for this pretty different SDK
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    Can be extracted using :

    xar -x -f PalmSDK-Mac-0.3.4.pkg

    Finally only the linux one is not available, for a linux device this suck no ?

    check this thread : 189707-gnu-linux-users-specific-thread-howto-problems-etc
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    I like how you call it "released".
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    Any news on the torrent? Rapidshare, coupled with a very unreliable connection, is making me want to hurt someone.
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    rapidshare link is no longer good. i found this mirror PalmSDK-Mac-0.3.4.pkg
    for any questions or to send a donation:
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    Rapidshare link still working for me, another minute left before I give it an install
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    Awesome!!! Downloading now. Time to make some apps!

    Mirrored on my web space here:
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    Someone created a webOS plug-in for Coda (development tool for OS X)...
    Chris Alvares blog Coda and WebOS, a match made in heaven? Part 1

    I haven't tested it out yet, but it appears to have the right functionality.

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