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    i am working on an application and i need a textbox, i got a basic textbox on
    to the emulator but i want the fancy looking ones that have it when you have to login to your email.

    can someone give me the code plz thx
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    I'd load up one of the sample apps that came with the sdk, find the text box you're looking for, the hunt for the code in the unpackaged sample.

    I'm also new at this and haven't made anything but a hello world so.... Feel free to flame me.
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    get your css and html game together.
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    You need to use the "palm-group" class. Here's an example for a "Username" text box. Put the following code in your HTML:

       <div class="palm-group">
          <div class="palm-group-title">Username</div>
          <div class="palm-list">
             <div class="palm-row single">
                <div class="palm-row-wrapper textfield-group" x-mojo-focus-highlight="true">
                   <div class="title">
                      <div id="username" x-mojo-element="TextField"></div>
    Then in the controller/assistant for your scene, you have to initialize the widget with a line like:

    this.controller.setupWidget('username', {}, {});
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