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    I has having problems with palm-generate and other batch files.

    Whenever it got to a for loop, they were giving me a "variable unexpected" error.

    I toyed with it a while and eventually noticed that they had the commands at the end of the for loop in parentheses. Removing them fixed the problem.

    Has anyone else come up with this? I don't want to have to go through all of the batch files fixing this if there is a simple fix to my machine that i can change.

    Also of note: I'm running XP Pro X64. I had some problems getting everything to work (the emulator specifically). I had to move the folder from Program Files (x86) to regular Program Files and change a jar file. I went back to the x86 install (i copied it over to the x64 folder to get it to work before) and edited the emulator in the same manner. It works. Most of my problems seem to be stemming from this.

    Upon further experimentation, I re-added the parentheses and its now working for some outrageous reason. Now I just want to know if anyone has seen any of these problems before.
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    They work for me without modification (running Win XP). Are you running Vista or 2000 ? Maybe that's the problem then.

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