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    is it legal to release WebOS applications, even if the SDK is not officially available for everyone ?

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    Why wouldn't it be? Unless you release code that you do not own, you are just "releasing" a couple text files and images. Perfectly legal.
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    I'm not sure if it would be, if you're using the Palm SDK to do it. I mean, on the original Xbox, it's not considered legal to release homebrew applications, because the SDK that they use comes from an illegal source (which in our case, the Palm SDK does as well).

    The only thing that might make it different is that the Pre isn't using compiled binaries, but I don't know.
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    You are fine making apps. The person who may be in trouble is the one who broke their NDA agreement to distribute it.
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    It is entirely possible to write palm mojo applications which are utterly NOT DEPENDENT ON THE SDK

    it is therefore uttly legal to reelase THOSE.

    Commander, as an example was developed in complete isolation from the SDK and wihtout any hints from it using only the information that could be reversed out of a rooted palm.

    Releaseing mojo apps that DO NOT STEAL PALM's CODE should be completely legal.

    Stealing code; bad.

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