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    I can't vouch for the authenticity of this, I don't know what address it resolves to (although I understand it's a Sprint server), and while this is SUPPOSED to be the Mojo SDK, I don't know if it's a trojan, virus, if it's really the SDK that was released accidentally or on purpose, but if you're brave or crazy:

    It's downloading for me now, very slowly or I'd report back with what the heck this is. Got it via Twitter, specifically from @PreThinking.
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    JawDrop: ITS OFFICIAL!!! just tested the emulator. Game on, post this in the developer sections please!
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    I am on windows7 beta still and it expires in 5 days so I have to reinstall before then anyways, so I installed it. It does indeed look to be the sdk. It has the emulator and all of the files including some sample files. Doesn't look like there is anything in the way of documentation whatsoever, and I have no idea how new/old the code is. The emulator requires virtualbox 2.2 or newer to run which I don't currently have installed, so haven't tested that. I don't really know what anyone would get out of this that they can't get from a rooted pre and the code that was already leaked, but if it helps people get some apps going all the better.
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    Someone posted it on twitter, i finally got it downloaded cause its downloading super slow but its official! grab it now!
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    I don't have a virus scan installed... who can check this for me?
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    Downloading it right now, about 65% done. Went from 200 kb/s to 14 kb/s, looks like tons of people are getting on this. Thinking about setting up a mirror when I get it completely finished here: Palm Pre Mojo SDK Download Leaked To The Web | Pre Insiders

    Thinking about turning this into a torrent as well just to speed things up, not sure how Palm will like that though. I guess I'll wait until they release official word on this one.
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    wow.... well I guess Palm couldn't keep a lid on this forever...
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    Thats great!
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    It doesn't appear to have any viruses in it. I scanned it with avast before I installed it and it came back clean. And everything looks to be legit after installing. I do have on access scanning and no warnings. I'm pretty sure this is legit.(well legitimately leaked I guess one might say?)
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    Where is the documentation??
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    Edit: It's downloading too slow.

    If someone wants to get me the MD5 of the installer I can ask to see if it's the same file.
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    Aight palm, you might as well make it public.
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    It definitely works. I actually provided the screenshots for PreThinking (Sorry, but they provided me the download details via Twitter!). But yeah looks pretty great. Not sure how to go about actually creating apps, but definitely a good start!
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    wonder how closely palm is paying attention to these forums...
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    i really have no idea why people that did get the SDK just pass them out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by technoviking View Post
    i really have no idea why people that did get the SDK just pass them out...
    Non Disclosure Agreements, I assume....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    wonder how closely palm is paying attention to these forums...
    Quite close, undoubtedly. However they have been extremely lenient about any hacking/homebrew thusfar, so we can only hope that they will continue in that spirit. Just goes to show, "end of summer" just won't do for some
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    I knew knew KNEW this would get out in the wild today or tomorrow. Good times ahead!

    BTW, someone needs to be a dear & make a torrent outta this. Will get spread MUCH faster.
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    This will take, uhm, a while. If anybody can get a mirror up, please do..
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