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    That Rapidshare link was a regular 10 limit upload. Re-uploaded and transferred to a Rapidshare account so more can download. PM me if the link breaks though:

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    edit: Posted a whole, concise list of all working download links on my blog. OP - please edit main post with them so people can find it easier and won't have to dig through this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsblair17 View Post
    Here is the Torrent

    PalmSDK-Win-0 3 4 : Software > Palm, PocketPC & IPAQ - Mininova

    please keep seeded I dont have a ok connection but nothing wonderful..
    Much appreciated.
    Quite fast download too.
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    Direct Link finally added to my blog. I'm done, time to get some sleep (4:00 am here). Night all.
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    Just for the record, you need a username and password to get updates, and if you want to download the eclipse plugin (I would recommend it to auto generate projects and sending them to the emulator/phone).

    So yea, you'll kinda hit a small road block.
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    Hi there,
    though the SDK is a Windows-only application, the Emulator can be run also on Linux or Mac OS (running the rest of the SDK is another thing...). You need to install the SDK via Wine and then run the VirtualBox image.

    Here is a short howto:
    1. obtain the SDK
    2. download and install VirtualBox including the kernel modules
    3. download and install Wine
    4. run the Windows installer in Wine
    5. after the installation is completed, note the image and grub boot ISO location (default: ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Palm/SDK/share/emulator/images/sdk47/nova-cust-image-sdk47.vmdk and ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Palm/SDK/share/emulator/images/sdk47/grub.iso)
    6. start VirtualBox
    7. create a new Debian machine; specify the .vmdk file as a source image and grub.iso as a CD-ROM boot file (and note the machine name)
    8. run the following command to enable HVGA framebuffer resolution in VirtualBox: VBoxManage setextradata "YourMachineName" "CustomVideoMode1" "320x480x32" (set YourMachineName according to your machine name)
    9. your new Palm Pre is ready

    After start, the machine should produce kernel command output and then show a glowing Palm logo and finally the Luna environment.
    Screenshot at img140. imageshack. us/i/pre3.png/
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    does anybody know how I can get virtualbox out of fullscreen mode?
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    Right ctrl+F
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    i (heart) not having to use itunes

    alarm is still only 5 min increments
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    When I run the Vm image from the SDK in VirtualBox I just get a "Could not read from the boot medium" error which I guess means the harddrive isnt bootable.

    What are the proper steps to get this working?
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    I got the emulator working through virtualbox. The link still shortcut from the sdk still doesnt work. And the inspector gives me an error about a missing dll. I have installed safari and java.
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    Does 6.0 Java work, or do I need to install the previous version?
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    Mount the grub.iso as well. From here:
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    Hey guys, now i'm writting from the emulator of palm pre. It works perfect. I tried to install the sdk on win 7 but I couldn't. I the installed it on WinXP, Virtual Box, safari and the l;atest java. It just works now. So glad. Thanks
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    Got it running through Virtualbox. The link on the desktop still doesn't work for launching it though.

    Is it possible to get audio from Virtualbox ?
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    It is with a normal virtual machine.
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    Version 0.3.4? Sounds a ways off from a full release to me.
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    Anyone gotten this to work on a 64bit machine? I don't have any 32bit ones around.

    I have the emulator working, but nothing else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blakeb View Post
    It is with a normal virtual machine.
    Yeah i know but it's not working by default for me
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    I'm not sure what to do with the sdk but I'm downloading it from a torrent so I can seed it to others, my little special way of helping.
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    To answer my own question, Jave 1.6 (6.0) works fine. Installed VirtualBox, Safari 4, Java 6.0 and then SDK. Rebooted and the link to the Emulator on the desktop loaded fine.

    The first run created the VirtualBox session. I didn't have to manually create one.

    Doesn't seem to handle a shutdown signal though. I just do a power down.

    Tried enabling sound in VirtualBox, but still no sound for me.

    Edit: Running on WinXP

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