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    Please help, I could have sworn I was not a complete ***** but as helpful as the wiki appears to be I do not understand how to get from step 8 to step 9 on the rooting page! pre dev wiki: OS X Rooting via USB cable
    I extracted the installer and installed it but I can't seem to find any program to open as a linux editor or anything! I switched to developer mode on my pre, I restarted, plugged it in, and nothing happened. The instructions really do not seem to indicate where you type in "cd opt/nova/bin" etc etc, the only thing I could think of was that something would just pop up on my computer when I connected? As unlikely as that seemed (and was!).

    So what do I do, please!
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    you need to run the novaterm program that should be on your mac in /opt/nova/bin
    you type those things from a command line in a command window on your mac.

    Open a command window and do the unix thing.
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    And the answer to the second part of your question is..... probably.
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    Use Terminal...
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