So, I've been thinking now that we have a way to get applications on non-rooted phones (thank you SimplyFlipFlops & crew), it's time to start seriously doing some development.

I'm curious what people think is the best way to go about development for this device? Here's what I'm thinking as a starting point and I would totally welcome input from others:

  • Root your pre, gain network access (wifi or usbnet)
  • Build the skeleton of your application on your desktop with your favorite editor.
  • Upload to your pre
  • Test on the pre
  • Edit -> Upload -> Test -> Rinse & Repeat until done
  • Package & send to others

Is there a better way? Obviously your home PC should be able to display some of the UI elements (given a link to the Mojo framework), so outside of those Mojo elements that access hardware your PC doesn't have (accelerometer, gps, phone, etc...), you can test the UI prior to putting the app on the phone (with Safari? Firefox? Chrome? What's best?).

Would it be a good idea to simulate the Pre's hardware to build a better development platform? What would be the best way to go about this?

Does anyone have any thoughts in this area? If you're developing for the Pre now, what's your workflow?