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    I wrote this while waiting for the Pre to come out so that I could fit all my music on to my Pre. This is not an application for the Pre itself, but for a linux computer. It converts OGG Vorbis to HE-AAC preserving tags and directory structure. It uses Nero's free AAC encoder, and supports multithreading. The reason I used Nero's encoder instead of FAAC, was to ensure the best quality output.

    Be sure to download Nero's AAC encoder(neroAacEnc and neroAacTag), and put it in your PATH. You also need oggdec and vorbiscomment.

    Use -h for options. This is the command I use to convert my music:
    Code: -i /mnt/usb/Music/ -o ./final/ -q -t 3 -x "-hev2 -q 0.1"
    • /mnt/usb/Music is my collection
    • ./final is the output folder
    • -q tells it to skip already transcoded files
    • 3 is the number threads
    • -hev2 -q 0.1 tells it to use quality 0.1 and HE-AAC v2

    WARNING: Although it has not eaten my music (yet ) don't say I didn't warn you if it eats yours. For extra safety, mark your collection read-only. Consider this program alpha quality

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