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    Hey Guys,

    Any thoughts on OpenOffice running on the Pre? At least the spreadsheet prog would be nice.
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    Ohhhh, I bet they could get a WebOS app running that would support Open Office!!
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    I don't think Open Office has a mobile version yet.
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    I would think that a Pre optimized rendering of Google Docs would be the quickest to get going.

    Open Office is a little to big for the Pre. AbiWord and GNU Calc might be able to pull it off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palandri View Post
    I don't think Open Office has a mobile version yet.
    I started a new thread on something along the lines of what you guys are thinking here:
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    Open office on the Pre is a bad, bad idea. There are numerous technical challenges just go get it running (like getting X up and going), and even if you did it's interface would render it all but unusable on a device like the Pre.

    Google docs works fine though, and would be a better experience on a phone anyway.

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