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    hello all

    well i've tried to root my pre and was unsuccessful as i could not connect the ssh. i've followed the instructions on the wiki. i took it off developer mode and would like to know if i have to reset my phone to any factory specs to avoid any problems with the pre.

    do i need to do anything with my phone to put it back to its original specs?

    thanks in advance.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
    If you have an iTouch click me.
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    thanks for your reply.

    will this process delete my contacts i've edited and added?
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    Sorry. I've found out the answer to my question.

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    Might you post it for the rest of us?
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    I'll answer for him

    From the webos doctor page:

    Do I lose any data if I use the tool?

    When you run webOS Doctor, all personal information and applications that you installed through App Catalog are deleted from your phone. However, logging in to your existing Palm profile after you use the tool restores any information backed up to your Palm profile (such as contacts, calendar events, and tasks). It also restores information from any online accounts you synchronize with, such as Google or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

    Important If you have pictures, videos, music files, or other files on the USB drive of your phone, you will need to restore these from your computer. Running the tool deletes all files stored in the USB drive.

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