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    Did anyone take a look around the tip calc app released today?
    Tip Calculator

    The makefile in the source download has some references to the PalmSDK.

    	@								      \
      if [ -d $(DEVDIR) ]; then						      \
        echo "$(DEVDIR)/ already exists" ;					      \
        exit 1 ;								      \
    	$(DEVDIR)/palm-generate \
    	  -p "{title:'$(TITLE)', id:$(ID), version:'$(VERSION)'}" $(TARGET)
    	perl -pi -e 's/My Company/$(VENDOR)/g' $(TARGET)/appinfo.json
    	@D=$(TARGET)/app/views/first ;					      \
      if [ -d $$D ]; then							      \
        echo "$$D/ already exists" ;					      \
        exit 1 ;								      \
    	$(DEVDIR)/palm-generate -t new_scene -p "name=First" $(TARGET)
    	$(DEVDIR)/palm-install -d $(DEVICE) $(IPK)
    	$(DEVDIR)/palm-launch -d $(DEVICE) $(ID)
    	$(DEVDIR)/palm-launch -d $(DEVICE) -c $(ID) ; exit 0
    test:: ipk palm-kill palm-install palm-launch
    and in the HTML of the webpage it self, i saw:
    <P> If you have the 
    <A HREF="">WebOS development environment</A> installed, you can
    install it on your phone like so:
     <LI> Put your phone in 
    <A HREF="">developer mode</A> by going to the Launcher
    and typing literally these characters, then hitting enter
    and clicking the Developer icon that comes up:<P><UL>
    Which is a spelled-out version of the 
    <A HREF="">Konami code</A>:<P><UL>
    <P></LI><LI> Then on your Mac, do this:<p><ul>
    /opt/PalmSDK/Current/bin/palm-install -d usb \<BR>
     &nbsp; org.jwz.tipcalculator_1.0.3_all.ipk
    <P> If you don't have the development environment installed, I'm not
    sure how you do it.  I also don't know how I go about getting this
    program into the Palm App Catalog.
    Not a lot of information, but better than nothing for people not in the SDK program yet.

    I believe
    (DEVDIR)/palm-generate -t new_scene -p "name=First" $(TARGET)
    helps by generating a empty/template scene. Here is a (i believe auto-generated) comment from the first-assistant.jsjsjs $file$:
      /* this is the creator function for your scene assistant object. It
         will be passed all the additional parameters (after the scene
         name) that were passed to pushScene. The reference to the scene
         controller (this.controller) has not be established yet, so any
         initialization that needs the scene controller should be done in
         the setup function below. */
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    interesting, so you're implying the guy that made the program works in one of the companies with the WebOS SDK and made this app in the off time. that's great!
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    I wouldn't be surprised that jwz had early access to the SDK. He was an XEmacs developer, one of the first programmers hired at Netscape, and has been involved in lots of different open source projects over the years.

    If I were a manager at Palm, I'd want someone like him writing apps for my platform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hrminer92 View Post
    If I were a manager at Palm, I'd want someone like him writing apps for my platform.
    I am not so sure about his attitude though...
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    i might get the sdk one of this days i applyed and palm respond i been aprooved but am still waiting
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    Which begs the question of something I've been wanting to know since I joined here - why on Earth is no one who currently has access to the SDK replying to the forums here or at the very least offering some information for us. Are they under an NDA?
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    Everybody that gets the SDK before it is publicly available will be under a tight NDA.
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    He does have the SDK. He wrote about it on his blog, along with calling our "have you tried the new tip calc..." thread the cesspool of the internet.

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