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    Ok first off I'm just going to say thanks to all you devs working on these hombrew apps and for tapping into the power of the pre even though you don't have to.. Outside of palm you're the ones who are really pushing this platform and can make it great.. Again thanks!

    Is anyone working on a video recording app? I'm pretty sure somone is but if not heres my request.. Please someone make an app to capture video!!

    Anyway you maike it ill download (and I'm sure everyone else will).. Peace!
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    Since the word is that Palm is already working on this functionality for the device, I doubt that any developer is spending any time trying to hack a way to do a feature that is coming officially some time this year (hopefully).
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    I hope you're wrong about devs not workign on this even tho it may be coming later this year.. I think there's still room for a 3rd party app that maybe does more than just record.. For now I wouldn't mind just being apbe to record... Am I impatiant? Maybe lol
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    Palm's words were that they would have video "shortly" after release IIRC.
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    when the app does come out from palm i really do hope that the led light will turn on during night time recording like some of the samsung all touch phones do.

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