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    Has anyone found anything in the Facebook / PhotoBucket upload functionality area of the photos app that might lend itself to the possibility of hacking in support for Flickr or other photo services with an API?
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    Let's pray to god it does.
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    From the Twhirl blog post re:Photo Integration, it doesn't seem like Palm's made the photo upload API available, even to the early SDK'ers. So that might present a challange. Still, I'm hoping...
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    It's definitely possible. Much of the Facebook/Photobucket integration is done in Java, so it's a bit harder to hack in than some other things, but it's definitely possible, at least in a nonsanctioned way. IIRC you want to look in a file named something like Photos.jar, although that could be wrong. Can't check now since I'm at work, but if you run the correct JAR file through a Java decompiler like JD-Gui you'll see how they did it.

    EDIT: Full path is /usr/lib/luna/java/Photos.jar
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    If someone gets this working, perhaps they could figure out how to offer a raw FTP upload option too... then I could upload photos directly to my web host of choice!

    I so want to help out with this stuff, but I don't know the first thing about Java... even looking at it scares me
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    I know it doesn't answer your question, but with Picasa you can enable uploading pictures via email. Rather nice with the "share via email" option in the photo app.
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    FTP may be a bit more difficult than other things, since AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $Pre$ $doesn$'$t$ $have$ $any$ $built$-$in$ $classes$ $for$ $doing$ $that$. $The$ $Facebook$ $and$ $Photobucket$ $uploaders$ $both$ $use$ $the$ $Pre$'$s$ $built$-$in$ $web$ $services$ $frameworks$ $to$ $upload$.

    That's not to say that it's not possible, just that it won't be as easy as adding support for something like TwitPic that's based on a web service.

    I'm not making any promises, but I might start looking into this soon. It's mostly contingent on whether or not I'm satisfied with my work on upgrading the text autoreplacement file, but I think there won't be much more to do on that.

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