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    I attempted to add the "add and delete pages" option.
    http: // predev .wikidot. com/add-delete-pages-in-the-launcher]pre dev wiki: Add / Delete Pages in the Launcher
    in the process, i killed the launcher. can anyone tell me how to fix my **** up. the file i need is: /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/app/controllers/launcher-assistant.jsjsjs

    if you could tell me where that file is and how i could replace my messed up one...that would be amazing!!
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    by the way...i really dont want to mess things up more...if i could get very detailed instructions, it would help.
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    nm, i just decided to reflash the entire thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by morningisbad View Post
    nm, i just decided to reflash the entire thing
    Thats what I would have done
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    You should always make a backup copy of any important file before editing it... especially if your a vi newbie. Use the copy command:

    cp /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/app/controllers/launcher-assistant.jsjsjs  /$usr$/$lib$/$luna$/$system$/$luna$-$applauncher$/$app$/$controllers$/$launcher$-$assistant$.$js$.$BAK$

    So here is my dumb question...

    I can do this on the emulator, but when I try on the developer-mode-enabled device connected to USB novaterm insists the filesystem is read-only... What's the trick to be able to write directly to the device's filesystem?
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    Found it: http : // predev . wikidot . com / next-steps-after-rooting

    rootfs_open -w
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    Were you able to reflash? I did the same but after a reflash was still w/ the same problem. It also seemed usb mode did not work. Novacom stopped seeing an open port.
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    copy the file out of the webosdoctor, place it in your your /media/internal/ folder(the main directory while in USB mode) then go back to charge only and back into putty. To copy it into the right directory use

    cp /media/internal/launcher-assistant.jsjsjs /$usr$/$lib$/$luna$/$system$/$luna$-$applauncher$/$app$/$controllers$/$launcher$-$assistant$.$js$

    File is located here, but you have to unrar a few files to get to it.

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