Each application requires a unique id, in conventional java reversed-domain format.

HomeBrew apps should not use the com.palm.* namespace - that is Palm's property. Nor should you use a com.<name> namespace where you personally don't own the <name>.com internet domain (see Packages for details).

The #webos-internals IRC channel group owns the webosinternals.org and webos-internals.org domains, and is willing to make those namespaces available to HomeBrew developers for this usage on the following terms:

1) You must have a registered nickname on the Freenode IRC network.
2) You should join the #webos-internals IRC channel on Freenode.
3) You may use the org.webosinternals.<ircnick> namespace for your application (where <ircnick> is your registered nickname on IRC).

If you're willing to release the source code for your application under the MIT open source license (we've chosen MIT, so that Palm can use any of the code in their official applications if they choose), then you are also welcome to host the source code and other files for your application in the webos-internals source code repository at WebOS Internals Applications - just PM me if you wish to do this. Note that we cannot host any code that is copyrighted by Palm - it has to be code that you have written and have licensed using the MIT license.

-- Rod