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    Has anyone else felt the need to add more resolution to the volume controls? I'd like to double the amount of steps it takes to go from Mute -> Full Volume.

    I've spent a few hours searching through the jsjsjs $files$ $but$ $have$ $had$ $no$ $luck$ $modifying$ $the$ $code$.

    Any ideas?
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    I can't help with the hack (not up on code), but I do strongly support the effort. The volume control needs at least twice the resolution it has now...
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    bump from the grave!

    I'd really be interested in something like this also. When listening to music via headphones, the volume makes some massive jumps in the middle levels between level 5 & 6. With my headphones, 5 is too quiet, and 6 is too loud.

    9 volume levels is simply too few.
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    For now you just need to go to Radio Shack and buy a physical volume dial ($10) and attach it to the end of your headphones. That's what I did and its acually quite convenient because if you have your Pre in your pocket then you have the volume dial hanging on your headphone cord and you can easily adjust the volume without having to pull your Pre out of your pocket.
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    It is also easy to hit the volume keys while in my pocket. That one jump just about blows my ears out. Also a volume lock would be nice.
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    +1 to this request. I was wishing for this on the metro this morning. It's one of the main reasons I dislike listening to music on my Pre.
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    Yeah, I've wanted this for a while myself. It's not just with headphones, but the speaker as well. Personally need some sort of sound when I'm trying to fall asleep, so I play music, but late at night, putting it on one notch is just a little too loud when it's right next to my head... And then with my headphones as well, often I'd prefer it to be in the middle of two settings.
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    From a little digging around, I've found this service API:

    Key Service – webOSdev – Palm

    That shows how to subscribe to volume key presses. No idea how to change how much volume is actually changed on each key press.

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