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    Looking through the code for the camera app, I noticed this:

    var captureUri = "capture://audio_video?VideoWidth="
    + "480" //width -- HARD FUKCING CODED IN THE DRIVER
    + "&VideoHeight="
    + "320" //height -- HARD FUKCING CODED IN THE DRIVER
    + "&VideoFPS=30";
    this._adaptor.obj.cmdOpenRecorder(captureUri, 201/*cntxt*/);
    Aside from the colorful comments, what I find interesting is that it appears they are referencing the camera hardware with a URI.

    Can anyone with the pre-release copy of the SDK comment on this? Is all of the hardware addressable through URI calls similar to this?

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    I don't have the SDk but from what I've been seeing I think there will be APIs specifically for hardware access. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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