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    Palm Developer Network Blog An update on the early access program and the SDK.

    the public wont get it until the end of summer.

    Atleast we know whats going on
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    Well if that doesnt make me return my phone and wait for the tour I don't know what else will....
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    What I posted on the blog, and my thoughts about the release "date":

    Yes, people, while "end of summer" is not only seemingly far away but also an ambiguous "release date", I think we have to realize that Palm needs to iron out the kinks. The Pre is a great device, but you cannot deny the facts that there are some features that need work. Undoubtedly Palm is spending time and resources to fix those problems instead of prepping the SDK for release. Yes, I agree, it is an imperative component to a successful smartphone, but I would rather have a working phone with 30 apps then a buggy one with 1000 apps. Look, we ARE getting the SDK and while it may not be tomorrow, it isn't a year-long wait. I applaud Palm on giving somewhat of an estimate for the release, as well as what appears to be widening the early-access program to more developers. If you have any information regarding SDK release/early access, drop us a comment on the blog or forum - Pre Insiders
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    I would guess end of summer means end of September and that is
    totally unacceptable Palm. I don't want your support, I don't care
    if the SDK is buggy, just load the SDK on the website and call it
    a beta. Take no questions, just listen to feedback. It's really simple
    guys. By the end of the summer everybody is going to be saying , the Pre
    is nice but there are no apps... and they will have the new iphone
    available in large quantity's by then and have them all locked into
    another 2 year contract. Outstanding thinking Palm!

    Please understand that releasing a buggy SDK now is FAR better than losing
    large numbers of customers to the iphone becuase no apps are available.
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    Their release schedule should have been like this:

    - June 6, 2009: Release a beta SDK to ANY developer who signs up on their site (to coincide with the release date of the first webOS phone). Tell them it's beta, tell them it's still a little buggy, but give developers the tools. Setup a good bug tracking system that they can contribute to.

    - June - September: Work on getting the SDK polished up, but this way here the SDK, even in beta form, is still AVAILABLE to developers.

    Oh well, hopefully it's out sooner rather than later. I was excited to jump in and start doing some developing, pretty new to it, but I have a good handle on HTML and CSS and figured my years of developing experience there would help. Right now I'm 50/50 on keeping this phone. If Palm is this slow with releasing an SDK, how long it it going to take them to release software updates? This is starting to smell like the "old" Palm again.
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    I wonder if there's some risk of my bad app taking out the phone, or other apps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsabo View Post
    I wonder if there's some risk of my bad app taking out the phone, or other apps?
    Though we are not using the Palm OS anymore, i've had crashes in Palm OS that wiped out my entire device, a rogue app with a bad memory leak could do damage to the phone.
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    The only reason I bought the phone was to start making apps on it... Tell me why I should not give it back and wait until the SDK is out...???
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    So I will have 3 months to wait from now? That's OK. I prefer a clean SDK in 3 months rather than a buggy one today.

    I hope they will put clear rules about applications' validation when they will release the SDK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edster9 View Post
    The only reason I bought the phone was to start making apps on it... Tell me why I should not give it back and wait until the SDK is out...???
    You tell us.
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    Jesus christ palm end of summer? someone who has the sdk should just leak it already and help the community.
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    seems that pple are reading you

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