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    I live in an area with good signal strength that has been verified by Sprint and 2 other phones. I've done the updates on the network and PRL. I'm using an Airave at home but that does nothing for data and I don't feel I should have to resort to using additional equipment to get a descent signal to make or receive a phone call.

    Can the operating system be tweaked to improve reception or is this something that requires a hardware change? In other words. With time running out on my 30 days. Should I have any expectations of a software fix from PALM or, more likely, you guys to fix reception problems that many are having?

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    Reception problems are almost always hardware problems. Either sprint has spotty reception in your area or you have other devices/objects that are introducing interference. If you are using your phone indoors it could be any number of things, such as the walls of your house, microwaves, wireless phones, IR, etc (not all of these will introduce interference, just the ones that operate on the same frequency as your phones wireless service). You can buy "antenna boosters" (I think, not confirmed) that can boost your reception but I wouldn't count on it. As far as the software side of things, there isn't much that can be done, if palm has somehow throttled the antenna power then they could in theory "unthrottle" it and you would have better reception, but I can't see any reason they would do this so it's really a long shot...
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