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    Am running out of space in / /var and /opt by installing ipkg apps. Please post best practices for installing ipkg apps on /media/internal 7GB partition.
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    Did you ever find a solution for this?

    I was thinking: make a link to a folder on /media/internal? I think this can be done with the mount command. For example, I think you can mkdir /media/internal/applications and mkdir /var/internal_apps, then mount -o /media/internal/applications /var/internal_apps, but I'm not 100% positive that would work. You might also need to modify fstab with the new entry to make it stick. Then you would have to make sure all the permissions work out.

    I think you could also take this one step farther (more dangerously) and move everything from /var/applications to /media/internal/applications, then mount /media/internal/applications /var/applications.

    But I have no idea if either of these will work.
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    found a solution today over on the irc channel talking to sushi....

    i posted a thread about it.

    jbg7474 is on the right track... you move the entire directory of the particular app ( over to the media/internals folder and creat a symlink to it.

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