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    Is it just me or does other people think that you should be able to start at the end of a paragraph and just drag your finger UP to highlight different rows of text? Right now you have to constantly move your finger from side to side to highlight all the text in a row then go up to the next row. Pretty crappy if you ask me!
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    I think it should ultimately work like the iPhone 3.0 OS. I just saw a demo yesterday, and I have to admit, it's badass. I'm willing to wait though, as webOS hasn't been around for three years yet.
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    If your text includes a line break you can select and move up, down, left and right as you wish.

    For short messages I will throw an empty line break at the bottom just to enable the function. Doesn't help with text messages. I'd call it a bug.
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    ya seems like every now and the it lets you high light up/down but more often then not it doesnt
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    Add a line break anywhere in the text and then you will be able to scroll up and down. Only place it doesn't work is in the messaging app.

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