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    So, coming from a Blackberry, I loved the feature of the auto on/off. Turn it off at 11pm, back on at 6am, not to mention it saves battery...

    So, I haven't delved into the OS, although I have rooted it and changed some's my thought...

    Anybody know how to put the phone into Airplane mode via root? Instructions to create a cron job to dump the phone into Airplane mode at whatever time, and pull it out of Airplane mode at another time...that way we're not getting woken up with text messages at all hours...

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    That would be really neat. Remembering to put my current phone (on waiting list for a Pre) on silent isn't that big of a deal, but you're right, it still uses more juice than it needs to at night. I'll have to start putting it in airplane mode. :P

    A cron job would be an awesome first step... an app in the UI to modify the settings would be the end result I would hope for.

    Thanks for the idea!

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