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    I was never one for censorship.

    1. Root your Pre, if you haven't already (at your own risk, of course).
    2. Download/Update mCraig 0.1.5 (released 6/17/2009) from the app store.
    3. Drop the contents of the zip into your Pre filesystem (overwriting existing).
    4. Reboot your Pre.
    5. Go hook up with some freaky Craigslist folk.

    This hack is based off of mCraig version 0.1.5. The only modified file is database.jsjsjs, $and$ $the$ $original$ $file$ $IS$ $provided$ $as$ $well$ ($just$ $in$ $case$). $Again$, $this$ $is$ $NOT$ $a$ $complete$ $replacement$.

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    So much more convenient to schedule your call girls while on the road using the Pre. LoL

    In all seriousness though I wonder who's idea it was to censor mCraig. Was it mCraig, Palm or Sprint? I think it's ridiculous to censor the cell phones. Especially when you have a full blown web browser. I hope Palm/Sprint don't start acting like Apple & AT&T. That's part of why I left...tired of the authoritarian attitude.
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    I will not censor this for now (however if someone complains, I will or someone will delete this). I will close this topic for now.

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