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    All great ideas and comments... but the sad fact remains, I have hundreds of junk emails that are going to sit on my pre until something is developed to mass delete them! Damned if I'm spending half a day deleting them one by one!! I can't believe Palm didn't think of this!!
    Get a GMail account and forward emails from your current account to your GMail account. (You can set GMail up so your emails look like they are still coming from your non-gmail address.) GMail has pretty good SPAM protection. (It even remembers what you think of SPAM that the rest of the world doesn't, and vice-versa.) Better to solve your problem "at the source" than in your email client every time you read email. GMail also integrates beautifully with the Pre.

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    I hope palm sees this because maybe they will just implement this into the next update since it is something that should have been there from the start. Hopefully they read these forums and are taking our ideas.
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