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    Does anyone know what database support is in the Pre. I know it uses something called HTML 5 database. What is this? Does it mean I can't backup a database and then restore it when I want to install an application? Do I have to script the db create, schema and default values?

    Mea culpa if this has already been discussed.
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    "HTML5 database" is generally implemented on the backend as an Sqlite database. You can read about it here: sqlite__dot__org According to the guys who are dissecting the ROM, webOS uses sqlite for some of its backend stuff. I'd bet money that the HTML5 database uses it as its backend.

    The code for sqlite is public domain so it's in just about every app under the sun (Firefox, Safari, Android, so many more).
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    ah, so I would use HTML5 database calls on the front end in my javascript to access the sqlite backend. I guess we have to wait for the sdk to find out if we have backup and restore capabilities.
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    It appears that they have provided a "wrapper" of sorts for database activities. If you look at /user/palm/frameworks/mojo/submissions/175.7/javascripts/depot.jsjsjs
    You'll notice mention of the "HTML5 active record access"

    From the file header (I'll let you read it since I don't want to post Palm's work) it looks like it's pretty simple to create and use your own "HTML5 database"
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    Not sure what this all means, but the Rough Cuts version of the Palm webOS manual, by O'Reilly indicates WebOS includes support for HTML5 Database object, to create and query an SQL database; using asynchronous callbacks for handling. Does not support Storage object, but does support the Database object. You specify Transaction callback, Error callback or Success callback. There is a 5mb limit for any individual application. There is also the Depot and Cookies for storage. The depot is easy to use; uses asynchronous calls and is limited to 5mb; its not efficient and does not work well with complex objects.
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    Agreed KevMiami, I have a copy of the rough cuts and have read it. It does seem vague about how this will work. I know that when the sdk comes out it should have samples on database development. I want to build an application that may need to store a significant amount of data in a db, significant in terms of mobile platforms. I know that the database I have in mind works perfectly fine in iphone, palmOS (classic) and windows mobile. Even if I take the user data and save it to a database on my servers, there needs to be a certain amount that has to stay on the device in case it can't communicate on the net.

    I guess I just need to wait for the sdk and then do some researching into it. May be too early for these quetions.
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    Sorry - Bought the book when everyone was describing WebOS as easy to program. Had to start reading before I realized they meant easy for someone who does this for a living! Would still like to learn HTML and Javascript to program an application - yea, maybe in another life
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