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    If you don't like the default snooze time of 5 minutes, this is easy to change.

    These modifications are small, but as usual, I highly recommend that you backup anything you change just in case.

    Open /usr/palm/applications/
    Line 364 contains the snooze internal in the standard "hh:mm:ss" form. I changed this from 5 minutes to the more common "00:09:00" but it's easy to change it to whatever you want. Tested successfully this morning

    I also have a couple of bug fixes. I should note that haven't actually tested these, though I believe them to be correct. If you disagree with me on these, feel free to correct me!

    1. I noticed that the "weekdays" setting doesn't quite work right. This is because on line 235, the < should be a <= . Now it won't treat Sunday as a weekday.
    2. I'm pretty sure lines 286, 289, and 299 should have semicolons at the end. I'm not sure how their parser treats missing semicolons. Maybe it sees the closing brace and ends the statement anyway, but it can't hurt to be pedantic in this case.
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    Sweet Thanks for the tips. I found this a few lines above the snooze time:

    Alarm.kAlarmSchedulerKey = "timequake"; // "You were sick, but now you're well again, and there's work to do"
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    Yep, love a good Vonnegut reference
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    Sounds like good fixes, thanks!
    As for the missing semi-colons, jsjsjs $doesn$'$t$ $technically$ $require$ $them$ $but$ $I$ $find$ $it$ $strange$ $that$ $they$ $would$ $be$ $missing$ $in$ $palm$ $code$. $Ill$ $have$ $to$ $check$ $it$ $out$ $tonight$.
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    Alarm.kAlarmSnoozeDuration is now found on line 456 (after 1.1) in alarm.jsjsjs, $in$ $case$ $anyone$ $wanted$ $to$ $change$ $it$ $again$. $I$ $kind$ $of$ $liked$ $the$ $5$ $minute$ $snooze$ $myself$. $Why$ $is$ $this$ $not$ $a$ $user$ $configurable$ $parameter$? *$sigh$*

    Although, I guess I'm a user, and I'm about to configure it, so...
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    sorry to ask, but where to I open /usr/palm/applications/
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    Good stuff. Thanks. The five minute snooze just messes my mornings up big time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by e_stop_one View Post
    sorry to ask, but where to I open /usr/palm/applications/
    You'll have to gain root access to your Pre first. That would be the topic of multiple other threads (see this site especially: Main Page - WebOS Internals). However, once you do, you can just type:
    cd /usr/palm/applications/
    vi alarm.jsjsjs
    Then you'll be able to edit using the built-in vi editor, which is again the topic of another conversation (you can find it at that site I posted too).
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    Since you're already working with the alarm clock, you might consider making the buttons a lot bigger, especially the snooze. It's easy to accidentally turn off the alarm instead of just snoozing it.
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    I have been meaning to 'chime' in on this subject, does the screen shut off after a few seconds after the alarm starts? There must be a way to have the screen stay on for the duration of the alarm. Or is it just me,
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    I would love to see two mods to the clock app:

    1. Make it so that when you open the clock app and it goes right to alarm, because I really never ever need the clock.
    2. Of all the apps to work in landscape mode, why oh why is this one of them? How to disable this?

    Thanks for anyone who knows.
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    Just to chime in... is it just me, or does anyone else find it extremely annoying that you have to unlock the phone (swiping the lock icon) before hitting snooze? Is there any way to change that?

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