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    I'm trying to get SFTP to work on the Emulator so I can test items.

    Currently Im stuck on this step:

    Step 4: Modify the sudoers file to allow your user account to sudo sftp-server without a password:
    I cannot find this file anywhere.

    Is it possible to do on the Emulator to begin with?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphon View Post
    So I used Nautilus to gain access to the file system. I still don't have write access to the Pre using that. It's weird. Tell me what I am doing incorrectly.

    1) I put my Pre in Dev Mode, restart
    2) I open up a terminal. Gain root access (it says I am root@castle)
    3) I enter the command for write access (mount -o remount,rw /).
    4) I SFTP using Nautilus. I get in & I see the file system.
    5) I try to overwrite an existing file (I am trying to overwrite /usr/palm/sysmgr/images/palm-logo.png)
    6) I get an error telling me that permission is denied.

    So what can I be doing that is wrong?
    Did you ever figure out what you were doing wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MLJones8 View Post
    Did you ever figure out what you were doing wrong?
    Nope. I gave up. lol
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    filezilla doesnt work, it cant do the "sudo /opt/libexec/sftp-server" portion.
    killakiz treo 700p
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    I've been working on this all morning. It's a pain to invoke my old DOS days for file transfers on the PRE. Surely there's a way to get this working. I've created a user that has access to the VAR directory no problem. I have no access to / though, which is what I want. I tried setting UID and GID to 0:0 on the user that HAD access to the var.. doing so killed the user from having access thru SFTP at all. I dont get it... has anybody else had any luck?

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