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    Does anyone know if there's going to be a true JVM for the Pre? There are hundreds of apps written in Java for the Blackberry platform that could probably be ported over in a day or so per app if there was (well, I know ours could...) When we first heard about the Pre, and that it was on a Linux platform, and the architecture of WebOS, it just seemed so obvious to us that there would be a full JVM. I mean, it is obvious, no?

    I'm beginning to get very, very nervous that Rubinstein is turning Palm into Apple's Mini-Me... and in all the negative ways at that
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    J2ME apps would work. Blackberry apps would not work.

    There is a JVM in the internals of the system (from memory), but whether you can use it to run apps is another question...
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    Many of the core frameworks in the Pre are written in Java. For example, when you upload a picture to Facebook or Photobucket, that's done in Java. There are a bunch of .jar files in /usr/lib/luna/java that contain all the Java classes.

    That said, as far as I know there's no way to write an entire app in Java (yet?). I would also guess that they haven't implemented any Java UI classes, though I could be wrong on that.
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    I think WebOS is very cool and all that, but I hope Palm doesn't intend it to be the only way to develop for the Pre. I would be stunned - and very, very disappointed - if they decide to not provide a full JVM. On the other hand, implement a real JVM, and there'd likely be hundreds of new and ported apps available within a month...

    In the meantime, I guess we'll remain a Blackberry + WinMo shop.
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    It looks like palm include the apache harmony version of java. I found out some website with applet does not work yet on Pre.

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