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    Has Palm said anything about actually RELEASING the source code for the kernel and other parts of the Pre that are open source (GPL etc)?

    It really makes me MAD when companies release products that use linux and then take weeks or months to release the matching source code. Why cant companies just have it available at launch? Its not like they don't have it themselves (it was used to build the binaries shipping on the phone after all) and the GPL is clear that the source that is released has to be the same code used to build the shipping binaries so its not like they can go back and edit stuff (or remove bits) before they release it.
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    The kernel is GPL and some of the libraries are, the GUI components are not. The source for these parts of software are already accessible, and even so, you can ask Palm to send you the source -- this is mandated by the license! See

    They don't have to necessarily put code on the web, just make it accessible to you.
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    I think the GPL is actually in the pdf when you connect the pre as mass storage.

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