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    I would like a way to be able to auto-shutoff the Pre, say, at midnight and turn it back on automatically at 6 a.m. (I could do this with the Blackberry.)

    Saves battery in case I don't have it plugged in overnight.

    I've rooted and enabled SSH and crond, so I can install a script if someone can write one up.


    Also - has anyone figured out how to preserve the date/time when airplane mode is on? Do I have to disable network time? When I had it on airplane mode today, the date/time reverted to 12 noon on 1/1/2005.
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    I agree with the auto-shutoff. I liked using Treo Tools on my 650 to turn the phone on/off at specific times to save battery life. If something comes out, I'll probably try it, but so far, I haven't had an issue leaving it on all the time (as long as I use it like I used my old one, rather than as a new toy).
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    if you have crond, and if shutdown works, why not put something like
    0 0 * * * shutdown now
    (may need to put flags in, not sure what shutdown is like on the Pre)

    Power on however is more tricky.
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    I second this, along with bluetooth and wifi. For though, something like 5 minute idle shutdown like Power Hero used to do. Those options would be great!
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    This is an interesting discussion.. thank you for sharing.

    htt p://pret-auto.o rg
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    Here's what I came up with....add this to your crontab and it will enable/disable airplane mode based on the crond timing (here I have it set for midnight to enable and 6 a.m. to disable). You must have crond running.

    0 0 * * * luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.systemservice/setPreferences '{"airplaneMode": true}'
    0 6 * * * luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.systemservice/setPreferences '{"airplaneMode": false}'

    Not very elegant I know - perhaps someone can come up with a script. Also, I don't think this does a true suspend (i.e. you may still get calendar notification alerts) - but it at least turns the radios off.
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    I made a hack that allows you to only turn off the Cellular Radio, leaving WiFi on. (this way your calendar, contacts, updates, etc. still work):
    pre dev wiki: Radio Power Switch

    I usually use this before I go to bed, that way I won't get awakened by a rude early caller after staying up late hacking on my Pre.

    Of course any calendar alerts and alarms will still come through as pointed out by cwlong88, but these are expected and usually wanted. (like: "time to get up!")

    Of course it's manual, but so far hasn't been really a problem. I guess when I get some time, I'll add in the ability to schedule. Another neat option would be to detect when the Pre is on it's Touchstone, and then disable the radio. I'm not sure how most people charge, but I only put the Pre on the touchstone right before bed. (it's next to my bed).

    An even neater option would be to combine the Touchstone detect with GPS, that way you could differentiate between "home" and "work" let's say. (some people have a Touchstone on their desks at work, for instance.)

    What do you guys think?

    Now all we have to do is figure out how to hook those events; touchstone and/or time.


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