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So how does a non-programmer make these mods. I know a bit about html, ftp, and files. Do I need to signup for their developer program?

Basically what are the step by step instructions on how to get going on these?
I'm not a programmer, and I can do this stuff, so anyone can. I'm familiar with linux though, which most people are not... You basically need to get on the pre dev wiki, get your phone rooted, get dropbear or openssh set up with a user, and get started looking at where these files. The easiest way is to get the webOS tarball(from here), extract it(the actual webos image is in that jar archive, use winrar or something similar to open it, extract the main image, then go to resources, and the webos image is called webOS.tar, extract that somewhere on your hard drive), start searching for png files(I used windows search, *.png), and then start modifying the ones you want. I email them to my phone, then open the attachment and click "copy to photos", then you can copy them from /media/internal/downloads to the proper place on the phone(if you right click on the image you modified on the pc, go to properties, it will tell you where they need to go, usually /usr/palm/applications area, or /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-settings area. Its not really for the beginner, and like I said earlier, I'm going to look into turning them into a tarball, that you can just extract from /, and it'll put the files in the correct location for the beginners, streamline the process.