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    As a happy Google Voice user, I thought this would be a helpful thread, so I've been monitoring it for the solution ... and then discovered this is already possible on my new AT&T Palm Pre Plus (recently switched from Sprint). This is on WebOS 1.4.2

    Open the Phone App, and open the preferences window. Right there on the preference screen is a data box for changing the "Voicemail Number" ... I was even able to include the "pp" between the number and my GV pin. Very Happy with that!
    So I have to change carriers to make this happen?
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    I've worked out a way to use the VM button to dial any number you want - since I don't use VoiceMail, I use it to call my wife.

    To do this, I edited CarrierNetworkSettings.db3, which can be done by using the procedure listed by palmdoc2005 (awesome guy - I can only use my German GSM Pre 'cos of him) at this location:

    However, I think this probably works only on unlocked GSM - not sure, as I cannot test on a carrier locked device.
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