I tried rooting yesterday and made it all the way up to:

18. Remount the file system as readonly:
mount -o remount,ro /

I entered the command and it didn't seem to respond. I thought maybe I wasn't supposed to get an output after hitting enter. (What would an output be? Just a new line to enter a command?)

Anyhow. I rebooted the phone and checked to see if I could still SSH into the Pre via my linux laptop and it would just hang if I tried to connect through EVDO, or it would say something along the lines of "cannot connect: no route" when I tried to SSH through WiFi IP address.

I decided I wanted to do a wipe.

What I'd like to know is if WebOS Reset Doctor does a complete and utter wipe of my phone, essentially undoing and erasing all my work last night (creating directories, installing dropbear etc)??? Literally getting rid of everything and bringing my phone back to settings as if I never ever touched the insides of the phone.

Please help as I'm pretty paranoid about this stuff and my mind would be eased if I knew the WebOS Reset Doctor brought me back to before I ever decided to try hacking in.

I appreciate all the work everyone is doing, I was just overconfident in my abilities to work the root.