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    Anyone know a linux VNC client like RealVNC that may be able to grab the video from the device and push it over Wifi or Evdo?

    It would be interesting to see a VNC client developed and being able to remote in to my Pre while its in my pocket!
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    It sounds like you're looking for a vnc server rather than client. I don't know of one off the top of my head though.. ?
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    VNC would be awesome! I would never need to go to the office again.
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    Yes you have "directvnc" which works with framebuffer based displays.
    Someone could try to run the armel packages found here: Debian -- Details of package directvnc in lenny
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    pre dev wiki: VNC

    It's possible, alright. I just don't have controls, yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nebj00la View Post
    pre dev wiki: VNC

    It's possible, alright. I just don't have controls, yet.

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    hmm. I might have to mess around with this. if vnc works, I wonder if I can get rdesktop to work. I use that on my n810 all the time, and it's much better than vnc.
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    Standard VNC isn't going to work, obviously. Someone will have to make a special version for the pre that interacts with the pre's UI. I would imagine the finished version to behave somewhat like the ones for the iPhone tho.

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