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    Here's mine, though admittedly, it's pretty dull:
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    cool stuff!!
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    Found mftcamera_20090706_211009.jpg on mine - since I just got it on 7/18, seems like I snatched it hot off the shelf!
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    Got a boring one here
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    Here is mine
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    Sorry to bump this, but now with Quick Install application can you pull the file over, or do you still need to root?
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    I tried finding my test image via WinSCP however I can't locate the hwtest folder...

    I can only get to /var/log/ then hwtest is nowhere to be found. Anyone have any ideas? (maybe a full erase got it?)
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    I don't have that directory either (I am pretty well versed in linux) and no amount of searching seems to turn up a test image.
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    I bought my Pre at 10 am the day it came out, so surely there is a pic on mine, but when I put in any of these commands, nothing happens at all....I've succeeded on just about every single other hack out there. dang.
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    It looks like most of the pictures came before the WebOS 1.1 update. I wonder if the update wiped the hwtest folder?
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