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    I am also, interested in whether or not rooting voids your warranty.

    Also, since the SDK has leaked, is rooting even necessary anymore?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimleng View Post
    I think what people don't realize about rooting the Pre without the technical know how is the fact that NOT ALL SYSTEMS ARE THE SAME. There are several variables involving these hacks. The Pre, the computer, and the person operating both devices. If at any point, if one of the variables deviates from the expected result, we will now need to introduce a 4th variable: THE TROUBLESHOOTER. And guess what? Being a troubleshooter when you didn't have to be one is almost never fun.

    It's not that we don't want people to root their Pre, we just don't want people to attempt to cut their arm off and reattach it to their ear without going through med school first. There are tons of things that can go wrong, and without the med school, no one wants to have to play free overtime doctor. So, put the scalpel away, kids
    The difference here is that Palm has provided (with the webOS Doctor) a free new body for you whenever you want one.

    So you can cut arms and legs and even your head off without worrying, cause you can just reset your Pre to scratch with the webOS Doctor if you stuff up anything.

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    Not sure if rooting voids warranty. I wonder how they would be able to tell if you can just restore your Pre to before root settings.

    I would think that warranty issues would be more related to hardware issues that software unless you're thinking about exchanging the Pre in case you brick it.
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    No, rooting won't void the warranty.

    Quote Originally Posted by jf1081 View Post
    1) Does rooting the phone void the warranty. And if so does the insurance plan I bought cover the damage I will do so it will cost me $100 to replace instead of $500?

    2)Does restoring the phone "reinstall" the operating system? Kind of like the way you hit ctrl
    +F11 on a dell to reinstall the OS from a hidden partition?
    1) No.

    2) Yes, it will be just you just took it out of the box.
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    one of the steps in the mac instructions just says "cd /opt/nova/bin"

    What am I supposed to do here? type that on the pre? Create a directory? How?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tennenho View Post
    one of the steps in the mac instructions just says "cd /opt/nova/bin"

    What am I supposed to do here? type that on the pre? Create a directory? How?
    You type it in terminal, as a mac user you just need to open terminal and follow the directions.

    cd /opt/nova/bin means change directory to that "folder" you can then make your edits.
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    I believe I did everything right. However, when I try to log in to my Pre using Putty, it wont accept my password. I attempt to type my password 5 times to no avail. And then I get a message that says, "Network error: Software caused connection abort". What does that mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by livewire1337 View Post
    Hey, so I'v rooted my pre and installed Dropbear. However, whenever I connect via ssh the first time it always times out. The second or third time I try it instantly connects and I am able to login even though I haven't changed any of my connection settings in PuTTy. Whats the problem?

    Does the pre go to sleep making it not able to login or something?

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    i have the same issue but i have no wifi in my area so im tethered to my pc when i root, and im not sure if the IP im finding is correct.

    so i cant connect via ssh , so i just connect through dev app and root, i only enable dev mode when i want to modify something but i would still like to have a secure solution
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